the project:  

Evolved the brand story of this Fortune 500 company to advance their online and mobile positioning.

The Challenge:

WellsFargo.com needs to offer meaningful content to both prospecting and current customers, and it all needs to be accurate, clear, consistent, and easy to find. My team was tasked with building a tool to help mobile and desktop users find what they’re looking for.

The Approach: 

I audited existing tools and pages, did some competitive analysis, and used my findings to make a series of recommendations for crafting new, mobile-first content. Working with a variety of contacts across the client's organization, I developed a comprehensive understanding of the business, legal, and functional content requirements of our product. My findings were documented and used to support the collaboration with UX designers, ensuring all content goals were met. 

The outcome:

With an existing tool as our jumping off point, our team made lots of big and small changes, using my content strategy as the foundation for the redesign. I also did copywriting for the tool, with the primary goals of creating a consistent customer experience and using real language, rather than "financial speak." I enjoyed discovering the needs of this client and their customers, as well as the challenge of presenting all the necessary information in a way that was efficient, meaningful, and aligned with the various business and legal requirements of the product. 

N.B. The proposed product never launched, but our strategy and efforts were applied across the Smarter Credit Center.
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