The project:

Created a content strategy, storylines, and copy for Intel’s Internet of Things Smart City initiative, facilitating broader digital engagement among consumers, business decision-makers, and developers.

The Challenge:

Intel has been quietly leading both thought leadership and development in the IoT space for many years; some of these efforts were recognized by the White House at the Smart America Summit in June of 2014. This provided an opportunity to elevate our client’s position in the global conversation around IoT. We sought to develop a fresh engagement model based on sharing stories of Intel’s IoT solutions at work in the real world.

The Approach:

This was a content strategy driven project, so after a few initial meetings with the brand strategist, I worked independently, then in collaboration with a UX designer to complete the project. I conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and reviewed existing content to deepen my understanding of the brand position and generate a strategy for new content creation. I presented my strategy—including page outlines, recommendations for leveraging existing assets, and outlines—and gained client approval for the creation of new content. Using the content strategy as my guide, I did the copywriting for the every page of the experience. (See links below.)

The Outcome:

By providing engaging stories that promoted our client’s IoT efforts, we were able to raise their share of voice in the IoT space and highlight the relevance of Intel's Smart City work.