Editorial + copywriting

the project:

Edited and revised all copy to reflect a natural tone, common language, and to improve the user experience. 

the challenge:

As part of a larger redesign effort, Visa sought to make their Merchant Center more accessible. The information was there, but work needed to be done to make it more approachable and easier to comprehend. 

the approach:

I audited the existing copy to assess what needed to be communicated and defined a simple, direct way to do that. Using these findings in conjunction with known business goals and legal requirements, I drafted voice guidelines. I copyedited and created new copy as needed for every aspect of the experience, including all headlines, page copy, and UI copy. 

the outcome:

Throughout this project, I kept returning to the question: How much is just enough information? Financial payment systems can quickly become complex, and there are many legal hurdles to clear when describing how best to initiate and navigate them. The primary audience for these pages is business owners, so it was important to speak to them in a clear, helpful, natural, concise manner. Breaking out the copy into clearly headlined sections and bullet pointed lists also made it easier for readers to both navigate and comprehend this detailed text.