the project: 

Edited, migrated, and developed content in preparation for a new product launch, as part of a larger web-redesign effort.

The Challenge: 

The client needed to tell a new story about an old product. Some aspects of the story existed, but many were incomplete, and most were buried in out of the way places. The team was tasked with building a central space for this story to live and defining the best way to tell it.

The Approach: 

We spent two days at TMobile headquarters in Seattle performing stakeholder interviews. I audited existing pages and worked with the team to develop content hierarchies, user flows, and page outlines. The team presented a report of all our findings and gained client approval to move forward with our proposals. Applying my content strategy and voice and style guidelines, I edited existing copy to support the established voice, tone, and product story. I also worked with a copywriter and managed all new content development.

The outcome:

Working under tight deadlines, we collected, created, and organized the most necessary and useful elements of the product story, and then built them into an impactful, user-focused experience. It was exciting to get into the perspective of the type of users this forward thinking company attracts and craft a functional story to meet their needs.