A history of clear ideas about UX & taxonomies 

Once, my first name was spelled Eboni. In second grade I insisted we change this because so many people found that confusing and difficult to pronounce. Time tested, it’s clear this new spelling of my name suits me, and what an honor to share titles with a rare, luxuriant tree.

She always did love a good story

From the comics I wrote and illustrated as a kid, to my academic study of art and literature, and my recent work as a marketer and writing instructor, I’ve structured my life around a passion for seeking, supporting, and telling stories of all kinds. In my professional life I comfortably straddle both the written and visual storytelling worlds as a freelance Writer, Content Strategist, and occasional Fashion Stylist. Want more backstory? Here's my resume.

Where + When + How

I live in and love the beautiful city of San Francisco. When I’m not reading, or working on the novel I started in graduate school, I enjoy the community and energy I find in yoga classes and jogging along city streets. I’m part of an online community of sewers (sewcialists), via my blog. And I’m a pretty great cook too, though I really thrive on the conversations mealtime encourages.

We've only just begun

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